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"Is this torn ligaments?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this torn ligaments?


For the past year now I hear cracking noises from my right arms elbow from any sort of movement, when i am doing any activity with that arm the pain grows. Are my ligaments torn? if not then what?


The cracking sound that you are hearing is coming from your joint, not from your ligaments. I would guess that your ligaments are likely fine. A cracking sound coming from your joint could be due to wear and tear of your cartilage which is resulting in bone touching bone in the joint. We call this osteoarthritis. I have to admit that osteoarthritis in the elbow is unusual, but certainly not unheard of. Other types of arthritis in your elbow are possible as well, but they usually don't cause cracking of the joint. The next step for you is to get examined by your primary care doctor. After a thorough physical exam of the elbow, your doctor should be able to tell in general what the problem is. You may need a simple x-ray of your elbow as well. If your doctor thinks that you have some type of arthritis, then you may need additional testing. There are blood tests that can look for evidence of inflammation (which may indicate of inflammatory arthritis), and tests for rheumatoid arthritis. If any of these were to come back positive, then you would need a referral to see a rheumatologist. The treatment for your pain will depend on your diagnosis. Please see a doctor soon!

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