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"What causes chronic bleeding during sex?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes chronic bleeding during sex?


I have been to the doctor for a pap smear it was normal, I have also taken a std and aids test and the doctor say that i'm a healthy 23 year old. But i still bleed when i have sex, its not all the time and everytime but most of the time and we use condoms everytime. my partner also got tested and is healthy. we are both very concerned. please help i dont know what else to do.


I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor or your ob/gyn practitioner. This requires an evaluation in order to rule out a serious condition, although this is most commonly caused by minor issues. First, it is important to know if the bleeding is cyclic. Bleeding can obviously happen with each menstrual period, and sometimes exactly between the periods (concurrent with ovulation). This may be exacerbated by sex. If this is the case, this is likely a hormonal issue (not necessarily a problem). If it is more irregular, then this likely represents a structural problem. Many women get this from a dry vaginal lining -- often caused by decreased estrogen. In this case the friction of sex literally causes an abrasion that bleeds. A more vulnerable vaginal lining can also occur in infections known as vaginitis (often a fungal or bacterial infection). There are also some structural abnormalities of the vagina or cervix that can also cause this. There are many possibilities that a physical exam could certainly help. If you are having bleeding outside of periods of sex, this would make even more possibilities of what is causing your condition. I would recommend you see your ob/gyn. While hopefully minor, this could be a sign of a major problem. Hopefully, this can be treated. Good luck!

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