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"Anything I can do to help a jammed finger heal?"

ZocdocAnswersAnything I can do to help a jammed finger heal?


I was catching a basketball today and I caught it wrong and jammed my pinky finger really bad. What should I do to help it heal? I taped it to my other finger because my dad said it was a good idea but what else should I do because I want to keep playing basketball but it hurts really bad!


Any time that you jam a finger like you did your pinkie finger, you should always have it examined and have x-rays done. This is to make sure that there is no fracture, or broken tendon that would require special instructions or immobilization or even in certain circumstances surgery. One such fracture that I had many years ago was a mallet fracture. I was playing flag football and jammed a finger much like you did. It hurt bad, but didn't look broken. I decided to have it x-rayed at the begging of my friends and family and it showed a small piece of bone that had been pulled out by the tendon overlying the finger. This injury did not require surgery, but did require a special brace to keep the bone and tendon in place. It would not have healed correctly without this. Most likely you have just strained some ligaments in your finger which will heal on their own. However you want to make sure of this. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. He or she can take some x-rays of your finger and make sure that you don't have a small fracture that would need more than just a simple brace.

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