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"What should I do if there are knots under my bruise?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if there are knots under my bruise?


Had a thing at work where I bruised my thigh on a desk. The bruise is almost healed and the coloring is going back to normal, but now I can feel little knots underneath the skin where the bruise was. Is this just a normal part of healing for a bad bruise or is something really wrong with my thigh?


The knots that you are feeling in the area of the bruise can often be entirely normal. As the blood vessels are damaged and leak into the surrounding tissue, it eventually clots. These clots have to be absorbed over time. This describes the changes in color that you see as a bruise matures, going from the early, bright, colors, to the later color changes such as green and brown that can signal the final process of removing the bruise. Often, there can be some scar that will form in the area as well. Massage can help to orient the soft tissue fibers of the skin and deeper tissue in the appropriate manner so that the knots can be removed. In some cases, not the majority of cases, but certainly something that doctors will occasionally see, the bruise can have transformation during the resorption process in which the blood and bruised tissues can become calcified, similar to a bone. This is then apparent on x-ray, when there can be a splotchy white area similar to loose bone. Again, this is not common, and there is often an underlying medical issue that makes this more likely if it does happen. Please speak to your doctor. Good luck.

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