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"Could my nose be twitching because of a pinched nerve?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my nose be twitching because of a pinched nerve?


Both sides of my nose have been twitching a ton lately. Don't know what to do. Could it be a pinched nerve? Something wrong with my face maybe?


Twitching of any part of your body can be a sign of something serious, or it can be a sign of something simple such as fatigue. There are many important questions that need to be answered before a true explanation can be given, such as whether or not there are other muscles of your body that are having the same problem, or whether or not you have a personal or family history of nerve or muscle diseases. Diet and other medical problems could also all lead to an explanation, as well as any medications that you are using on a regular basis. As you can see, there are many possible explanations, and it is impossible to reach a conclusion without more information. It is, however, unlikely to be a pinched nerve, as the nerves that innervate the muscles of the nose are not as susceptible to these forces as are other parts of the body. Additionally, the fact that your symptoms are occurring on both sides of the body would suggest that this is something going on either in your brain or at multiple other areas of your body, since lesions along the nerves themselves would be unlikely to affect both sides of your body simultaneously. Please speak to your doctor.

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