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"How do I stop my lips from peeling?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I stop my lips from peeling?


Lips will not stop peeling and cracking! Drinking plenty of liquids and using chap stick but they are still dry and painful! What else can I do?!?


Sorry to hear that this is such a persistent problem for you! Chapped lips can be very frustrating, especially during the dry winter months when they can be very difficult to treat. One popular misconception is that dry lips has something to do with dehydration, and this is generally not the case. Rather, the cracking and peeling comes from loss of the protective oils on the surface of the lips and drying out of the delicate skin under neath. In fact, one of the biggest offenders is chronic moisture, which leeches away the protective oils from the skin. Therefore, if you are constantly wetting your lips with water and other liquids (which it sound like you might be), or if you are constantly licking your lips, then you are likely making the problem worse. Breaking the constant cycle of lip wetting and drying is key to getting the skin to heal up. In addition to avoiding moistening the lips, continuing to use a good lip balm should help as well. You should also talk to your primary care doctor or dermatologist. They can help determine whether additional topical medications might be of use.

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