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"What should I do about molluscum contagiosum?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do about molluscum contagiosum?


Have molluscum contagiosum that my doctor says is from having unprotected sex. He said it doesn't hurt and goes away on its own. What about other than that? Is there something I should be putting on my skin? Do I have to tell people that I have it if I am going to have sex with them?


Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection of the skin which causes small 'pearl like' protrusions from the skin that are smoother than common warts. The condition is spread by direct contact with the protrusions, and you can spread it to other people if they touch the areas, as well as spreading it to other parts of your body if you scratch or pick at the spots. Although molluscum contagiosum is not a sexually transmitted infection in the classical sense, it is possible to spread it in this way, as with any other form of skin to skin contact. It is best to avoid direct contact with others over these areas of skin while the spots are present, because you will likely pass it to them. Your doctor is right that molluscum contagiosum does not cause any permanent problems and will, eventually, go away on its own. There are also treatments, such as topical medications, which can be used to get the spots to go away more quickly. If you are interested in these treatment options, this is something you should discuss either with your primary care doctor or with a dermatologist, both of whom should be able to help.

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