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"What can a Vitamin D deficiency do to a person?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can a Vitamin D deficiency do to a person?


Doctor thinks I could have a Vitamin D problem because of blood testing. What will this do to me? Will I start to get sick???


Vitamin D is a nutrient that our body needs. The most important function of vitamin D is making sure that your body has enough calcium. Vitamin D can be obtained in your diet, but there usually is not enough vitamin D in the average American diet for our body's needs. Luckily, our body has the ability to make vitamin D whenever you are exposed to UV sunlight. If you spend time outside during the summer with your skin exposed to the sun, you will produce enough vitamin D for your body's needs. However, during the winter especially in the northern parts of the US and Canada, there is inadequate sun exposure. This means that some people need to take vitamin D supplements. Not having enough vitamin D is not likely to make you sick per se, but could contribute to weaker bones. I suggest that you schedule another appointment with your primary care physician to discuss this issue. The two of you can discuss you Vitamin D level and ways you can bring it up. If your level is too low, then you will need to take supplements every day. Good luck!

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