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"Why would someone have constant pain in their limbs?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would someone have constant pain in their limbs?


I'm only 29 years old but I feel like an old woman! I get almost constant pain in my arms and legs and hands and feet too. They all seem to crack a lot too. What could make this pain and old feeling happen?


I am very sorry to hear about these symptoms, which sound terrible! You definitely need to see your primary care doctor right away, if you have not done so already, for help figuring out what is going on. Right off the bat, I would say that your symptoms seem most consistent with an arthritis, which is an inflammation in the joints of the body. Symptoms that would go along with arthritis in addition to pain and discomfort would include swelling or redness or warmth over the affected joints. In someone your age and gender, there are few different causes of arthritis that would need to be ruled out. One of these is reactive arthritis, which tends to develop after a viral infection, often something as simple as a cold or flu. Another would be rheumatoid arthritis, which is a very serious form of arthritis which often can affect young women. Your doctor will first examine you to look for any objective evidence of joint swelling or inflammation. Based on what they find, they will probably want to do some basic blood work looking for markers of specific types of arthritis as well as to get a general sense of how much inflammation you have going on. Please see your doctor soon!

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