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"What does it mean if I have chest pain with my period?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if I have chest pain with my period?


The last 2 times I got my period I had chest pain. usually I just get cramps. Why does my chest hurt during my period now? I'm 22 years old.


I can't think of any particular reason that your period would cause chest pain. When a person has chest pain, it is important to rule out serious medical problems such as a heart or lung disease. However, if the chest pain is associated just with your periods and then you are completely asymptomatic between the periods, the pain is unlikely to be caused by a serious problem. I suspect that the chest pains you are feeling are more likely part of the overall 'feeling bad' that you experience with your periods. Other symptoms you might have, in addition to aches and pains, would be cramps and a feeling of fatigue. Potentially, you could also be having some heartburn, which might explain the chest pains specifically. I suggest that you make an appointment with either your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor to discuss this issue. They can perform a thorough physical examination to help make sure that there are no signs of any serious underlying problem. Furthermore, they can give you some advice on what medications you might be able to take to relieve the symptoms (for example, if this is heartburn, then an antacid should help). Good luck!

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