ZocdocAnswersHow do you make a mouth ulcer stop coming back?


How do you make a mouth ulcer stop coming back?

have a mouth ulcer. everytime i treat it is just comes right back. Any way to make it stop coming back and cure it? It hurts so bad.


I would recommend that you make an appointment to see an otolaryngologist (ENT aka Ears Nose Throat physician) to get a thorough oral exam, especially when the ulcer is symptomatic. There are a number of different reasons why people may have oral ulcers, with varying severities, and different degrees of significance medically. First off starting with the worse case scenario, and why I initially recommend that people get chronic oral lesions evaluated by a physician is that oropharyngeal cancers can sometimes present as ulcers. Now cancer does not typically show up as an ulcer, then go away, and show up again. Generally speaking once a cancer become apparent, it stays and worsens, and does not typically "get better" without specific treatment. An ENT is very well suited to do a screening oropharyngeal cancer exam. Also they will be able to take a more thorough history about the ulcer that you are suffering from (which chances are is not a cancer). One common cause of recurring oral ulcers is the herpes simplex virus (also the cause of "canker sores"). Aphthous ulcers are also relatively common in the oral cavity, and have a huge differential for pathophysiology, meaning that there are many different things that can cause them including vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, auto-immune diseases, certain medications, citrus foods, and even stress. At your appointment, hopefully your ENT will go more into depth regarding the history surrounding your ulcer. I wish you all the best.

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