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"Is constant yawning the sign of a medical condition?"

ZocdocAnswersIs constant yawning the sign of a medical condition?


Even when I am not tired I yawn a lot. I mean A LOT. Is this the sign of a medical condition or am I just a big yawner?


Yawning is a primitive reflex that is found not just in humans but also in a number of different animals. No one really knows what the purpose of yawning is. Some have speculated that yawning may have previously served as a way for animals to give a warning signal or to show aggression. Another possibility is that yawning represents a degree of boredom or fatigue. One popular theory that has been largely disproved is the idea that we yawn because we need to blow off more carbon dioxide. Although we do not really know what exactly causes yawning, there is no evidence that yawning a lot is a sign of any serious medical problem. Therefore, it is really unlikely that this is something that you need to worry about. However, as always, it is a good idea to discuss this with your primary care doctor. As your doctor examines you, they will look for any signs that there might be something wrong, and hopefully rule out any serious problems. These regular visits with your doctor are a great opportunity to ask any other general health questions you might have as well.

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