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"What is wrong with my spine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my spine?


I have heard of restless leg syndrome but I think I have it in my spine. My spine doesn't hurt it just feels like it is constantly active and won't calm down which can make it hard to sleep. Is there any condition that causes something like a restless spine?


Restless leg syndrome really should be associated with the need to move the legs themselves, and not just with a funny sensation in the spine area. Therefore, I would be reluctant to call this sensation you have restless leg syndrome, and I would suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor for a more thorough evaluation. One possibility is that you have some strain or spasm in the muscles that lie along the two sides of the spine, known as the paraspinal muscles. These muscles are commonly overworked, either through poor posture (sitting hunched at a computer all day) or through heavy lifting. This could lead to unpleasant sensations such as twitching, tightness, or cramping in the lower back, which could explain your symptoms. If you do have trouble with the muscles in your lower back, this is generally something that responds to treatment. Standard treatments include anti inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, as prescribed by your primary care doctor, together with improving your posture while at work and while lifting. There are also specific lower back strengthening exercises and stretches that you can perform to relieve the symptoms, and your doctor can describe these to you in greater detail at your next office visit. Please see your doctor soon!

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