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"How can I control my stress so I stop having breakouts?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I control my stress so I stop having breakouts?


Getting all these different kinds of skin breakouts and now my dermatologist says it is because of stress. But how do I control stress? Should I go on some kind of a medication or are there natural ways to control stress?


I am sorry to hear about this issue! It sounds like you may be having episodes of "hives" (known medically as urticaria), which are itchy, red, blotchy spots that come and go on the skin and can, in some people, be triggered by stress. The good news is that hives are not generally a serious medical problem, although of course they can be very frustrating and embarrassing at times! If you are having trouble with stress, it might be a good idea to talk with a medical professional about this. A good first stop would be your primary care doctor, who would be able to direct you on to someone who could provide you with some counseling and potentially some relaxation strategies, such as a social worker or psychologist. Alternatively, if you already have a relationship with a psychologist or a therapist, you could make an appointment directly with them. Most of the time, it is not necessary or appropriate to take medications just for stress. However, there are excellent techniques that these mental health professionals should be able to give you to help you cope and, with luck, get over this problem you are having with periodic skin outbreaks. See your doctor!

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