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"Should I be careful about medications if I have mitral valve prolapse?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I be careful about medications if I have mitral valve prolapse?


A doctor told me I probably have mitral valve prolapse several years back but said it didn't require any treatment. Do I have to worry about medication though? Are there any medications that could make it worse and damage my heart?


The mitral valve is a valve that separates the two chambers in the left side of the heart. Sometimes the valve is a bit "floppy" and bulges upwards when the heart contracts. This bulging can sometimes be heard with a stethoscope, and it is called "mitral valve prolapse." Mitral valve prolapse is very common and, in most people, it is not really a medical problem at all and does not require any treatment. In some cases, mitral valve prolapse may progress to mitral valve regurgitation, which may require treatment if it is severe. What you should do discuss this issue with your cardiologist or primary care physician. Your doctor can listen to your heart and make sure you have not developed this more significant problem. And as always, it is a good idea to ask your doctor's advice any time you are about to start any new medication. Please talk to your doctor soon!

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