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"What are these red welts on the back of my hand?"


I woke up yesterday with little red welts on the back of my one hand. I don't know what they are but there are more showing up now. I don't think there any kind of bite because now there are more. What could this be? Hives?


Hives are itchy, red, blotchy areas that show up typically all over the body, and not just limited to the hands. They are typically caused by a viral infection or by exposure to many different substances that you might be allergic to. However, if the blotches or spots are just on your hands, then they are unlikely to be hives.

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However, this could be contact dermatitis, which commonly does just occur on the hands. Typically contact dermatitis is a local reaction to something you have come into contact, such as a chemical, jewelry item, or personal care product. Typically the welts from contact dermatitis are itchy and they may also have small blisters in them. Bug bites are not entirely out of the question either. In particular, bed bugs cause red welt like spots which are exceedingly itching and could certainly appear on the hands. I suggest that you start by making an appointment with your primary care doctor. They will be able to help you figure out exactly what might be going on and, more importantly, what medications or creams you should use to help the spots heal up quickly. Good luck!

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