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"Did I injure my abdominal muscles doing push ups?"

ZocdocAnswersDid I injure my abdominal muscles doing push ups?


I didn't do any sit ups I was just doing push ups because I am starting a work out routine to help loose weight. Now my ab muscles hurt on and off and they are kinda sore. Did the push ups hurt my stomach? Is this possible? I want to keep working out but not if I am going to get an injury every time I do it.


Given the fact that there is an association directly in time between your push up routine and your sore abdominal muscles, I think it is likely that this is what caused your pain. Although we generally think of push ups as involving mostly the muscles of the arms and shoulders and chest, if you think about it one also tends to 'tense up' the abdominal muscles when performing push ups, and this is probably what you did. Generally, this injury to the abdominal muscles is not serious. You should rest up and avoid any more vigorous exercise until the pain subsides. Also, I would recommend that you talk with your primary care doctor and, potentially, an athletic trainer about how best to develop a work out routine. There is nothing wrong with push ups per se, and you should be able to continue to do them. However, the problem is when you do too many push ups too quickly. The same applies to any form of vigorous physical exercise. With your doctor's help, and with advice from your local gym or trainer, you can easily develop a safe, gradual exercise plan that avoids personal injury while still meeting your fitness goals.

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