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"How do I fix the dry skin on my face?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I fix the dry skin on my face?


The skin on my face is really dry. No other part of my body seems to have this trouble and I've tried all kinds of different face washes but none of them help. What are my options? it is starting to get painful.


I am sorry to hear that you are having such trouble with dry skin on your face! If you have tried multiple remedies without much luck, you might want to seek help from a doctor, either from your primary care doctor or from a dermatologist, to see if they have any ideas about what to do. While you are waiting to see the doctor, make sure to avoid anything that might be excessively drying out your skin. These would include any astringents or other harsh acne treatments, as well as many cosmetic products and make up removers. You should also avoid washing your face excessively with soap and hot water, as this will remove the natural protective oils from the surface of your skin and lead to worse dryness. Your doctor will be able to evaluate the skin to determine if there is a medical problem that needs to be treated. For example, sometimes eczema occurs on the face, and this will respond to a mild topical steroid cream, if your doctor decides this is necessary. If they do not uncover any treatable problem (other than dry skin) they can still make recommendations about which moisturizing products might be best for you.

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