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"What happens if I have a cyst on my testicle?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happens if I have a cyst on my testicle?


I went to the doctor with pain in my testicle. He said it was a cyst maybe and gave me some medicine. What if the medicine doesn't work? What happens if you have a cyst on your testicle? Do I have to have surgery?


First of all, I think it is important to be reassured that a cyst on the testicle is not the same thing as testicular cancer, and, if this is indeed a cyst, then there should be no risk that it will turn into cancer. Cysts on the testicles are relatively common. One of the most common types is something called an epididymal cyst, which arise from the tissue that leaves the testicle and carries the sperm out of the body. These cysts generally do not have any particular cause, although they can occur more often in certain medical conditions, such as cystic fibrosis. Generally, they do not need to be treated, unless they become very large or become very painful. Another condition, not quite a cyst but also very common in this area, is something called a hydrocele, which is a collection of clear fluid in the pouch surrounding the testicle. Again, this is not usually a serious problem and only needs to be fixed if it is large and uncomfortable. Both an epididymal cyst and a hydrocele are fixed with a simple surgery. This surgery is performed by a urologist, so you should make an appointment with a urologist soon. Good luck!

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