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"Do I have a blood clot in my nose?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have a blood clot in my nose?


Can you have a blood clot in your nose? I'm just wondering because it seems like I get a lot of nose bleeds and don't know where they come from because my nose isn't really dried out or anything.


Nose bleeds are a very common medical problem, and they can occur in pretty much anyone, generally not indicating a major underlying medical condition. However, if they are very persistent or severe, then you should see your primary care doctor about them to see if any additional workup is needed. Most of the time, nose bleeds occur from drying out and irritation of the nose from cold, dry air (such as frequently occurs during the winter months). Your nasal passages may be dried out and irritated even if your nose does not "feel dry", as the dryness may occur higher up in the nasal passages than you can appreciate. Another common cause of nose bleeds are nasal allergies or sinus congestion, both of which contribute to inflamed and friable nasal mucosa. In a small percentage of cases, recurrent nose bleeds may be a sign of a previously undiagnosed problem with your blood's ability to clot effectively. For these reason, sometimes your primary care doctor might want to start a workup for clotting problems in the most persistent cases of nose bleeds, which typically means just some basic blood work and, if that is positive, referral to a hematology specialist. Talk to your doctor soon!

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