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"How many miscarriages can you have before fertility is impossible?"

ZocdocAnswersHow many miscarriages can you have before fertility is impossible?


I am a 21yr old woman I have had 2 miscarriages...i have to admit i am very scared one at 2 months and another in my 2nd trimester...i would like to try again bt i am teriffied of what will happen..would it be wise for me to try again??


I am sorry to hear about your loss. Miscarriages can be very traumatic to those closely involved, and are poorly understood by most of the people who surround you. Once a woman has had a miscarriage, there is obviously an increased risk of an additional miscarriage. The key is to understand why the miscarriage occurred. One miscarriage can be due to chance, but to have two in a row indicates that there may be some other factors contributing. For this reason, it would be advisable that you speak to a high risk obstetrician. Changes in fertility and family planning have led to this specialty becoming increasingly in demand, and you should be able to locate an obstetrician who can advise you appropriately on what your risk of future miscarriages would be. Furthermore, he or she would be able to help you identify exactly what has caused the first two miscarriages, and what interventions can be done to avoid the same outcome in the future. The good news is that many women with a history of miscarriage can have successful pregnancies with the appropriate care. Please explain your history and ask your doctor if he or she could recommend an appropriate high risk obstetrician to work with you.

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