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"What does eczema look like?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does eczema look like?


I have this rash on the inside of my elbows its almost like a red heat rash looking when I get outta the shower its bright red but when the air hits it an there's not heat on it the brightness goes away an the skin just feels dry an bumpy. Its about 2 inchs wide in the inside of my elbows an goesabout 3inchs up. It does itch too.


Eczema is a very common source of dry skin, which is more prevalent in those who have allergies, either seasonal or otherwise. It is especially common in those who are otherwise atopic, which is the term doctors use to describe people who react aggressively to the surrounding environment. These people will have dry skin (eczema), asthma, allergies, and other things that run in the same vein. Eczema is when the skin does not develop and slough properly, and it instead becomes dry and cracked. The best thing to do if you have eczema is to keep the skin very well hydrated. This can be accomplished by using large amounts of hand creams or lotions, especially right after bathing. This will prevent quite a bit of the trauma that can otherwise happen, which can allow bacteria a way to get into your body and cause other infections. That being said, the description of a red heat rash on the inside of your elbows that seems related to the heat might or might not be eczema, as many things can cause that sort of problem. Please speak with your doctor to determine the exact cause and appropriate steps for treatment of your condition.

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