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"What causes a sharp pain in the lower right abdomen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes a sharp pain in the lower right abdomen?


Ive been having a shocking pain in the lower right side of my abdomen for bout a yr now .also wit a little nausea now the nauses is constant and I have this really bad sick feeling for about 1 min ive been checked for a hernia and the found nothing .......what do you think it is.


First, I am sorry that you have been suffering from this condition for such a long time, and hope that you can find some sort of an answer that will help you to feel better. The different parts of your belly can be divided into 4 quadrants. The right lower quadrant of your belly is home to your appendix, among other things, but your symptoms do not seem quite right for appendicitis, which is usually more acute and does not always have the sharp pains that you are describing. While a hernia can also be a possible explanation, it is not the only solution. The fact that you have near constant nausea is indicative that there may be something wrong with your bowel motility itself, although it would be important to know if your symptoms are affected at all by what or when you eat. Your age and other past medical details, such as previous surgeries, are also very important to know before a correct diagnosis can be reached. More importantly, those details are necessary so that you can have a treatment that will help you to finally feel better. A general surgeon or gastroenterologist would likely be able to help you, so please speak with your doctor soon.

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