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"Can I repair an old cartilage injury?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I repair an old cartilage injury?


Years ago I got in an accident and snapped the cartilage in my neck. It was never diagnosed, so it never got repaired back then. Is there any way to fix this now after 15 years? I can feel it at the top of my throat under my chin where its severed off. It hasnt caused me any serious physical pain, however it has made it to where it pushes my neckline forward and I lose any chin/jaw line.


While there are many kinds of injury that can occur during a car accident, the specific area that you are describing is one that does not usually have any cartilage present in the adult, but instead has only bone and the supporting musculature (although the thyroid and tracheal cartilage are present slightly lower down on the neck). While it is good that you have not suffered from pain throughout this time, the fact that you are continuing to have symptoms suggests that you should speak to your doctor about your complaint. The general area that you are describing could be referring to your hyoid bone or to some of the cartilages described above, none of which are easily injured due to their nature and the natural recoil that they have derived from their location. An otolaryngologist (ear-nose-and throat surgeon) would likely be best able to help you understand what you have been suffering from for all of this time, and would likely be able to direct you towards the appropriate care at this point. Please speak to your ENT in the near future, and discuss with him or her what steps can be taken to improve both your symptoms and the cosmetic results of your accident.

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