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"Is a stomach transplant possible?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a stomach transplant possible?


my wife had gastric bypass 5 years ago, she has extreme nausea and vomiting, also constentely gets dehydrated, she now has a life port for fluids and nausea medicine. the stomach was removed when she had gastric bypass and a pouch was made, this has not worked at all, need help thank you for your time


While there are very aggressive options to treat almost all medical problems, a stomach transplant is likely not the best option to help your wife feel better. There are many bariatric surgeons who specialize in reversing the unsuccessful surgeries performed by others, and, hopefully, changing them to a surgery which can be more effective and have less side effects than what you are describing with regards to your wife currently. While any bariatric surgery is going to have some of the side effects that you are describing, it is unfortunate that your wife continues to have these to such a debilitating scale. Some of the larger hospitals around the country would likely have surgeons who routinely see patients for this sort of problem, and would be able to make the appropriate recommendation to get her feeling better. Given that any sort of re-do surgery would have increased risks, it is important to discuss all of the options fully with your surgeon and doctors before moving forward with the next step. Please speak with your doctor or surgeon in seeking out a surgeon who may be qualified to help you and your wife with the next step in her treatment.

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