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"Why am I not getting my period?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I not getting my period?


I've been taking my birth control Microgestin 1/20 for last three months. The last month I took my pils without waiting for seven days but took my new pack right away. I did get my period a few days after that. This month, I haven't gotten my period yet. I was tested 5 days ago to see if I was pregnant, but it came negative. I am wondering I didn't get my period because I took my pils without waiting for seven days last month?


It is important to remember to take any and all medications as prescribed, even simple things like birth control. One of the important reasons is not just your health, but also the peace of mind that comes from having followed your doctor's recommendations. While your alteration of your birth control could play some role in your menstrual changes, it is unusual that it would be the only cause. This does assume, however, that you have been taking your pills as prescribed and following the instructions since that time, however. Many things can cause changes in your period, one of which is pregnancy. While over the counter pregnancy tests can be very helpful, they are not perfect, and can be falsely negative. Changes in your diet, changes in your exercise level, or other medical issues can all play a role in how regular your period is. Speaking with your doctor about your concerns is the appropriate next step. He or she will also be able to discuss birth control options that do not have a period every month, as these may be a better fit for your current situation. Please speak with your doctor to determine why your period is irregular.

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