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"What does it mean if I had intercourse and started spotting?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if I had intercourse and started spotting?


my period has been late in the past couple months movin my normal 28 day cycle to 31 days, i havnt been on birth control for 5 months now, i have never bleed or spotted after intercourse,, and today i did, and i still am. its been 6 hrs now, what can all this mean?


Spotting or bleeding after intercourse can come from many different causes. Local trauma to the vaginal wall is one of the more common reasons, which can indicate mucosal changes due to variations in the hormone levels. Where you are at in your menstrual cycle can also help to determine what the possible source of your bleeding is. Obviously, if you are near the beginning of your menstrual period, it could be normal to have some early bleeding which would persist, and some women will find that intercourse seems to bring on the symptoms which would have otherwise come in the next 24-48 hours. If you are in the middle of your cycle, some minor spotting can also be a normal variant. This is important to discuss with your doctor, however, as any vaginal bleeding outside of the normal menstrual cycle can be indicative of a problem, some of which can be very serious. Your doctor will be able to listen to your history and make the appropriate recommendations about what you should do to make sure that you are well and that there is nothing more that is causing this bleeding. Please speak to your doctor in the near future about your symptoms.

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