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"Why does my husand gets so angry at times?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my husand gets so angry at times?


My husband is 23 and we have been together for 6 yrs, His angry has gotten worse over the years, hes been to a dr who said hes depressed put him on meds that dont help cuz hes not depressed,, he just sometimes, fo no reason, snap and get upset,, hes never hurt me or anyone else, but we need help getting his anger under control, any advice?


Anger and anger management are very difficult topics to discuss with patients, as they require establishing a full discussion of trust between the health care provider and the patient so that they can work to overcome. More than anything else, the desire of the patient (in this case, your husband), to overcome is anger is going to be important in helping him to move past his issues. If he agrees with you that he has a problem that he needs to work on, then there are many options that can be done to make sure that he eventually overcomes. If, instead, you are the only one who feels that he has a problem, it will be more difficult. It is also important that you feel safe at home. For this reason, it is necessary that you have plans in place and people who you can turn to if he should ever become angry in a manner that is threatening to you or any children or other people that you may be responsible for. This will help you to feel more in charge of the situation and help you in the difficult time you are going through. Please speak to your doctor about your problem, so that he can make the appropriate suggestions after hearing the finer details of your situation.

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