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"My infant son has a lump behind his ear. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersMy infant son has a lump behind his ear. Why?


Its not on the skin its beneath it u cant see it u can only feel it and it feels about an inch big and that pretty big for being behind a babies ear. It was not there a couple days ago and that worries me. i have no idea if it hurts or not. please help


Sorry to hear that you have recently noticed a lump behind your infant son's ear. I recommend that you take your child to an otolaryngologist (aka ENT, or Earns Nose Throat physician) to get them checked out. It would even be better if there is a fellowship trained pediatric otolaryngologist around you (this is someone that specializes in disorders of the head and neck in children alone). There are a number of different possibilities as to what might be causing a lump behind your son's ear, however your physician is going to want to know a lot more information. For instance, was it there at birth, does it change in size, is it pulsatile (can you feel a heartbeat when you touch it), has your child been sick recently, etc... They will also want to examine the area thoroughly which will help to narrow down what they might think it is. After taking a history and doing a thorough exam, it is likely that they will order an imaging study to help evaluate the lesion (something like an ultrasound, or a CT scan). As I mentioned, there are numerous different possibilities as to what the mass could be, anything from an enlarged lymph node, an abscess, or an embryologic remnant called a branchial cleft cyst. I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best as you work through figuring out what is going on with your physician.

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