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"It's been 9 weeks since I gave birth and no period. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersIt's been 9 weeks since I gave birth and no period. Why?


how soon after birth and tubes tied do my period start?


If you have never given birth before, it can be an uneasy feeling to not have a normal menstrual cycle in the immediate post partum period. While so much of your life has been and is being disrupted, even this simple thing that you are used to has been altered. While there is no exact time for every women to begin her period again, it is safe to say that it will be a few months for most women. This can be more for women who are breast feeding (several months, at least, for most women), and less for women who are not. When it does begin again, it is likely that it will be different and irregular for a period of some time as well. Despite the fact that you are not having your normal period, however, it is important to use birth control, as it is still possible to become pregnant. If you have had your tubes tied (a permanent form of birth control), it is important to discuss with your surgeon the steps that you need to take at this time. He or she will likely have provided you with some information regarding what to expect, but please speak with your doctor about your questions and concerns.

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