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"Do I have blood in my urine?"


I was told that I have blood in my urine, i do not see it when I urinate. I want to know what is this a sign of, and what type of test should I get


Hematuria (blood in the urine) can be either gross (plainly visible to the naked eye) or microscopic (which, obviously, requires further testing in order to be noted). Your type is apparently not readily noted on visualization, but is apparent on lab testing. This can indicate many things, but what is most important is that you need to speak with a doctor about your test results so that you can get the proper treatment, if any is needed.

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Trauma can often be a cause of some blood in the urine, with recent catheterization of the bladder being one common source. Various kidney problems can also present with blood in the urine. There are additionally some disorders of the blood that can first be manifested as blood in the urine. Finally, some cancers will present in this way. Given that there are so many possible sources, most of which need further treatment, it is necessary for you to speak with your doctor more about your condition to determine which applies to you. Please speak to your doctor to determine which further tests, possibly including some sort of radiologic imaging, are needed in order to diagnose your problem and begin the appropriate treatment.

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