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"Why do I have itchy red bumps on my face?"


They're by my nose, on my jaw and side of my neck


There are many reasons that people can have bumps on their face, and more information is necessary to understand what may be the cause and how to get them to go away. Itching is an indicator that there is some ongoing irritation. One of the most common reasons can be exposure to something that you are allergic to, and the areas that you have mentioned are all areas that would be touched after your hands had touched something else.

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If you have any new exposures, that would be something to think about as a likely new cause. Autoimmune diseases can also present with bumps on the face. If you have a fever or the lesions are painful, then it might be worth thinking about infection as the cause. Facial wounds and infections need to be treated appropriately, as the bacteria can quickly spread to involve other parts of the body and even the brain. For this reason, it is important that these bumps be examined by a doctor in the very near future if they are not improving. Please speak with your doctor soon to determine what is the cause of these bumps and what can be done to help them go away.

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