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"Why are my hands and feet swollen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my hands and feet swollen?


I had red dots (broken cappillaries) on my lower legs after running 5 miles in new shoes. Now my hands and feet are swollen and my wrists and ankles hurt. My knees also hurt and it hurts to walk on my feet.


Running is a physically demanding activity, and one that should be entered into after consultation with your doctor if you have not been doing it on a regular basis in the past. The pain in your knees and feet likely has to do with the muscles crying out in pain from what you have put them through, especially if it has been some time since you last ran. The addition of new shoes to the mix are also a likely contributor, as it takes some time for your feet and muscles to get accustomed to the distribution of weight that they may add. Many types of shoes are advertised as special for running with some added "toning" benefit, but these should be used with care and not too aggressively at first as they can cause extra strain due to how different they are from the shoes you may be more used to. As for the swelling in your hands and feet, it is normal to have some swelling from the trauma and extravasation of body fluid from your blood vessels into the surrounding tissues, but it is important to know how severe your response has been and if it resolves quickly. Please speak to your doctor about your issues.

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