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"I've been having headaches in the left side for over two months. Why?"


I already had 3 MRIs and the doctors didn't find anything. I already took medicine for migrane, steroids. But the pain is still there. The only thing they saw in my MRI was synus on the right side with coagulates blood. My didn't want to prescribe anything for that because I have no symptoms. I already did a blood test and everything else is ok. I cant take every day reload for the pain, therefore I have been taking ibuprofen. I need help my health is affecting my kids. I cant have a normal life anylonger. I never suffer from headaches before. Also, this happened to me a month earlier but for two weeks and didn't pay. Attention and went away by its own. The pain walked me up in the middle of the night also.


Headaches can be debilitating, and I am sorry that you have been suffering from this for so long. Once you have correctly made sure that there is nothing serious causing your problem (which is the primary purpose of radiographic imaging, as you have had, when a patient has a headache), it is important to either find out where the headaches are coming from or at least how to stop them. Steroids are powerful medicines that can help with headaches, but they are generally not the first step that most doctors would use.

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If you have sensitivity to light, nausea, and these headaches really do keep you from completing your normal activities, then it is quite possible that you are suffering from migraines. The correct treatment includes both a medication to prevent these, and also a medication to abort them once they have started. Most neurologists receive extensive training in how to manage headaches, and there are also headache clinics that can offer multi-disciplinary treatment options. If your sinuses are contributing, for example, one of these clinics would be able to get you the right treatment. Please speak with your doctor about what can be done to help you get back to your normal life.

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