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"If someone has prostate cancer can they get an STD?"


If a man has prostate cancer and has had his prostate removed can he get an STD?


Yes. The prostate is a gland that is often prone to developing cancer and become enlarged in many men as they age. For a multitude of reasons, it can be very problematic in the golden years especially.

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One type of treatment for prostate cancer includes removal of the entire gland, which is recommended based on the grade and stage of your cancer. If you have had your prostate removed, you are still able to get a sexually transmitted infection, however. Removal will in no way affect your body's ability to resist these infections, and you are at the same risk as anyone else. For this reason, it is always important to exercise caution and practice safe sex practices. Hopefully you will inform your partner or partners as well so that they do not believe that the removal of your prostate will lead to any decreased risk. Not only can you contract an STD, you are also just as able to pass along STDs to your partners. While these are good rules to remember, please remember to speak to your doctor or surgeon about the specifics of your particular case and what you can do in the face of new symptoms or concerns.

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