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"Could my lower abdominal pressure be caused by lower back pain?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my lower abdominal pressure be caused by lower back pain?


I was doing laundry, carrying baskets of clothes back and forth about 200 feet even though I am having lower and middle back pain. I have made about 5 or 6 trips. Now I am having a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen. The pressure feels like it did when I was pregnant with my children. I have had 11 pregancies and have osteoarthritis, pinched nerve and herniated disc in the left side of my lower back; buldging and degeneritive discs in the middle of my back. Also sciatica nerve pain on my left side. Could I have strained my abdomen? Or could it be a sign of problem with my uterus. My insides feel like they are pushing down and it hurts more while I am walking, causing me to bend over when I walk. I will be 63 yrs old next month.


I would recommended seeing your primary care doctor. This requires evaluation. While this may be a minor or self-correcting problem -- this could also be a sign of a more serious disorder. If required, your primary care doctor may refer you to a Gynecologist. Firstly, there are many organs in that area that can cause those symptoms. The first problem that comes to mind is what we call pelvic organ prolapse. In many women, especially those who have many vaginal deliveries of their children -- there is weakening of the muscles on the pelvic floor (the lower abdomen). Ultimately these woman cannot keep the pelvic organs (the bladder, uterus and rectum) in their normal place and so they press down causing a sensation of pressure. Often the uterus is the main prolapsed organ, and occasionally even can come out of the vagina. This can be treated by a gynecologist with many options available depending on the type and severity. There are many other problems that could be causing your symptoms. Infection of the abdomen or urinary tract can cause this. Muscle strain is an also possible cause, but I believe less likely. Nerve pain can cause this but again less likely. I would recommend you see your primary care doctor. This sounds like pelvic organ prolapse which requires evaluation and treatment.

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