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"What can I do for osteonecrosis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do for osteonecrosis?


I have ostieonecrosis in several joints and the pain is getting so bad I just don't want to do anything anymore. I already have 2hips and 1knee total replacements and they are hurting again. Now both shoulders and my other knee is in constant pain what do I do??


I am sorry that you have had to suffer from so much pain for such a long time. The pain that comes from a bad joint and the wear and tear on the nerves in the affected region can be unbearable and severely limit your normal activities. I would be interested to know the cause of the destruction of so many of your joints, as you certainly seem to have a very advanced problem in that it involves multiple areas including both upper and lower extremities. While you know that replacements can be very beneficial, you also understand that they, too, are painful, and require a large amount of rehabilitation prior to returning to near normal form. In short, they are not a perfect fix. Depending on your overall health and your future goals, however, they are often the best fit. Speaking with both your orthopedic surgeon, your family practice doctor (or gerontologist), and a pain management doctor about your options will likely help you to understand best how you should proceed as they will be able to understand your situation from all angles and be able to advise you correctly about the appropriate expectations. Please speak to your doctors about your questions.

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