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"Why do I always view the TV at an angle?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I always view the TV at an angle?


I am 36 years old have been married for 8 years now and have 2 daughters one 5 years and second is 3 months now. When I first got married my wife mentioned my habit of viewing the TV almost perpendicular which I thought she was blowing out of proportion. I have now seen my daughter (5 yrs old) doing the same and it is extreme and yes almost perpendicular as my wife described. It seems that if we are viewing things for a period of time we tend to shift our viewing to the max range and find that comfortable. There doesn't seem to be a preference as for right or left. I also have been diagnosed and suffer from Migraines, where so far I have not seen my daughter suffer anything resembling these head-aches.


While this is certainly an interesting habit that you and your daughter share, it is likely more of a coincidence than a real medical issue, provided that you have no other symptoms. One possible cause that should be examined, however, is whether or not your daughter (and you as well) have normal vision in both eyes and that both eyes are contributing to the information that your brain processes. While most people prefer one eye over the other (just as most people are either right or left handed), such an extreme as you are describing could indicate that the other eye is not being used at all. A simple vision test with your ophthalmologist or optometrist should be able to clarify that point. Another possible cause could be with regards to the strength and positioning of your neck, or even something as simple as how you have the TV set up in the room. If the habit is present regardless of which side of the TV you are sitting on, then it is less likely to be clinically relevant in this latter case. Please speak to your doctor, however, to make sure that there is nothing bigger contributing to this interesting habit.

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