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"Can Maalox and Omperazole effect H Pylori stool test results?"

ZocdocAnswersCan Maalox and Omperazole effect H Pylori stool test results?


I took a stool test last week checking for H Pylori, but I was not instructed to avoid certain foods or medication prior to the test. I took Maalox and Omperazole the night before.


In general, the absence of instructions to avoid taking medications or certain foods prior to a test is a safe bet that you do not need to be overly concerned about what you ingest. That being said, it is always best to do your homework and be an informed consumer of health care. Depending on both the specific lab and the specific test ordered by your doctor, neither Maalox nor Prilosec should affect the ability of your test to determine whether or not you are infected with H Pylori. H Pylori is a common bacteria that has been shown to contribute to the creation of stomach ulcers in many people. The good news about being diagnosed with that bacteria is that there are successful treatment options available that can help you to feel better in a relatively short amount of time. As you are already meeting with your doctor for further testing, it is likely that you have some symptoms concerning for an ulcer. Please continue to meet with your doctor to determine what is causing your symptoms, and discuss your concerns about the testing with him or her at your follow up visit to determine if those medications would have affected your test.

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