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"What does this EMG summary table mean?"


My emg summary table showed "l abd. Poll Brevis amp high PPP Poly" what does that mean? I also have weakness in left hand, pain in forarm.


EMG testing is a special type of testing that is done by certain neurologists to look for evidence of problems with electrical conduction or activity in nerves or muscles. It is typically performed when there are symptoms that such as pain, numbness, or weakness that could be consistent with a medical condition involving damage to either a muscle or nerve. Given the location of your symptoms, namely pain in the left hand and forearm, your doctors would have been looking for common causes of this type of pain.

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Most commonly, this is carpal tunnel syndrome, which involves pressure on or inflammation of the median nerve running down the wrist. Other conditions, such as diabetes, can also cause these kinds of symptoms occasionally. Your report shows polyphasic potentials (PPP) in the left abductor pollicis brevis, which is a small muscle that helps with movement of the thumb. The abductor pollicis brevis is a muscle controlled by the median nerve. Therefore, this finding could be consistent with a carpal tunnel syndrome. However, polyphasic potentials are very nonspecific, and they can sometimes be normal even. Therefore, you will need to discuss the findings with the doctor who performed the test to determined whether or not they actually think they are significant. Good luck!

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