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"What can cause swelling and itchy, flaky skin on the eyelid and under the eye?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause swelling and itchy, flaky skin on the eyelid and under the eye?


Every morning the skin around my eye is itchy, flakey and swollen. I clean the skin with warm water and apply moisturizers. No matter what kind of cream or lotion I have used, it burns when I apply it. By the afternoon or evening the skin is itchy & flaking again. Could the finger nail fungus I have been fighting for 3 years somehow spread to my face??


I am sorry to hear that this is such a persistent problem for you. I would strongly recommend that you get medical help, since anything that has continued on so long without improvement really should be evaluated formally by your doctor. You could make an appointment with either your primary care doctor or your dermatologist. There are a few different possibilities. One is that you are suffering from dry skin on the face from excessive cleansing. This could happen depending on what types of products you are applying to your face. For example, anything that is an astringent could remove oils from your face and make your skin more dry. Alternatively, you could have contact dermatitis, or an allergy to one of the products that you are using, either one of the cleansers or one of the moisturizers. If you do have an allergy, identifying which product is causing it is important, and medications to help reduce the inflammation will also be helpful. There are a few more serious medical problems that can cause rashes on the face and around the eyes, including dermatomyositis and lupus. Your doctor will consider these possibilities when they perform a physical examination and when they ask you questions.

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