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"I have dizziness and my head hurts when I bend down. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersI have dizziness and my head hurts when I bend down. Why?


Hey I'm a male 18, I been having this pain in my head in my forehead, the back of my head, and it hurts more everytime I bend down, or cough or sneeze, or even laugh, if I look down it hurts, I feel deezy when I'm getting up if I was sitting down, I feel so warm, and today I went to pee and it burn me so much, I feel like I have fever, I took tylenol, advil but the pain won't go awaya, and I'm tired of it.. please help


It sounds like you really need to see your doctor as soon as possible. There are several different potential causes for your symptoms, and your primary care doctor should be able to perform a complete physical examination and help you get to the bottom of things. Headache that is worse with bending over or with coughing and sneezing is often related to sinus congestion. These are small spaces inside your skull that can become plugged with mucus, often in the setting of allergies or a cold. When this happens, the resulting buildup in pressure can create a headache that feels like a sensation of fullness over or under the eyes, together with a 'swishing' sensation when bending over. Fortunately, if your doctor diagnoses you with this problem, there are excellent medications that can be used to help clear out the sinuses and get you back to feeling normal again. Occasionally, in severe cases, antibiotics may also be needed. The fact that you have burning with urination may or may not be related to your other symptoms. One possibility is that you are dehydrated and that the concentrated urine is irritating when it exits. Make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can.

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