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"Is there any treatment for neuropathy?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any treatment for neuropathy?


I'm taking neurotin, cymbalta and oxcodone with no help. I've had the neuropathy since May 2011 following a fall. I also had a stomach flu 2 weeks prior to this. I have pain in the hands and feet along with numbness in both legs. I had a fusion done to my c4/c5 in 2002 following a broken neck.


Neuropathy is a condition the describes pain associated with nerve damage. To answer your question, there are treatments for nerve damage -- but what exactly will work really depends on the cause of the nerve damage. Therefore, it is first essential we figure out what is causing your nerve injury. For this reason, I recommend you discuss this with your primary care doctor. If necessary, he or she may refer you to a neurologist (or brain and nerve specialist) who may also be able to help with the diagnosis and treatment. Firstly, the medication you are taking (specifically the neurontin and cymbalta) can help any type of nerve pain. However they cover the symptoms and do not actually treat the nerve damage. The medicine oxycodone is actually not an ideal medicine for your pain. I would strongly recommend trying to limit and eventually eliminating this medicine (under the guidance of your doctor). There are many causes of nerve damage that can cause your symptoms. Compression of the nerves as they exit the spinal column is a common cause. This is often associated with neck or back pain. Opening up the compression can often help this. Diabetes is a common cause of nerve damage -- an controlling your blood sugar can help this. Vitamin deficiencies can also cause this. Talk to your doctor to help diagnose this pain. Subsequently it can be treated. Good luck!

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