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"The bottoms of my feet hurt all the time, feels like im walking on prickly things. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersThe bottoms of my feet hurt all the time, feels like im walking on prickly things. Why?


I stay tired and weak its just the bottom of my feet it feels like when your feet fall asleep and wake up accept its all the time


This sounds like you be experiencing some neuropathy, which involves pain, numbness, tingling, or other strange sensations that result from damage to nerves in the body. Symptoms like this are concerning, and they need to be checked out by your doctor right away, especially if you have never mentioned this issue to them. Start by seeing either your primary care doctor or a neurologist, if you have one. There are many potential causes for neuropathy, and some of them are serious and require treatment. For example, diabetes is a very common cause of neuropathy and, although unusual for neuropathy to be the first presenting symptoms of diabetes, this can occur. Similarly, multiple nutritional problems, such as vitamin or iron deficiency may cause neuropathy symptoms. Other chronic diseases and infections, such as HIV infection or liver disease, can also be associated with neuropathy, as can certain drugs and toxins. Your doctor will be able to perform a complete physical examination looking for causes of your symptoms. In addition to the physical examination, they will probably want to perform some basic blood work and, depending on what these tests show, they may decide to refer you for additional specialized nerve testing. Good luck!

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