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"Why are there no cures for stretch marks? "

ZocdocAnswersWhy are there no cures for stretch marks?


I am black and I hesitate to do laser removal for my stretch marks. Is there no best cream.


Unfortunately, as you already know, there is no good treatment for stretch marks. Stretch marks involve thinning and breakdown of some of the deep structure of the skin. No treatments have been every shown to make a big different in recovering or repairing this deep structure. For example, there are many different creams which are marketed over the counter and in specialty shops for stretch marks. For the most part, these are all universally ineffective (and very expensive). There are a few prescription creams that have been able to make a small difference in some patients, but again usually not very much. Laser treatments have been shown to reduce the depth and severity of young stretch marks (right after they have formed). However, they are much less effective on older, more mature stretch marks. Furthermore, in people of your skin color, laser therapies often result in very bad hyper pigmentation (very dark discoloration of the skin) at the site of the laser treatment. If you are interested in additional thoughts or advice about this issue, then I would advice you to talk with a a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, who can carefully consider your case and help you decide whether any of the available treatments are worth trying.

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