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"What is this bump on the roof of my mouth?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this bump on the roof of my mouth?


I've had it about 4 weeks. Developed after eating ice cream one day. It doesnt hurt at all,but when i eat it makes me feel a little light headed. Im not sure if its just my anxiety because Im going through alot at the moment, so I feel like at times I might pre-convince myself that Im goin to feel this way. It doesnt happen every time I eat, just once in a while. Ive been on antibiotics for a little over a week for an abcess I had so I thought that might help it a bit. Its not really a bump anymore, buut I still feel kinda weird when i eat.


The good news is that the bump does seem to be getting smaller, which suggests that, what ever it is, it is probably healing up. I don't think that there is likely to be any relationship between the bump and the fact that you get a little light headed from time to time; as you suggest, this is probably more related to your anxiety about the issue. However, I would definitely recommend that you get the bump checked out. Your primary care doctor can take a look at it and tell you what is going on, which should help to set your mind at ease about the issue. By far the most common cause of bumps like this in the mouth are small injuries, like a scratch or nick, to the gums from eating. When this occurs, as part of the body's normal healing process, a small bump may often form, although, as you have noticed, this does tend to get better over time. A few other common causes of sores or bumps in the mouth include herpes sores and canker sores, which are treated differently. Your doctor can determine whether you have one of these issues and, if so, can prescribe any necessary medication.

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