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"What does "tan tissue with admixed blood-tinged mucus" mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does "tan tissue with admixed blood-tinged mucus" mean?


This was part of the findings when they did the test for my menorrhagia.


I assume that since this was an evaluation for menorrhagia that these were small bits of tissue taking during biopsies of the inside of the uterus. The phrase "tan tissue with admixed blood-tinged mucus" is what is referred to as the gross pathological description. Basically what this means is that the pathologist (doctor who specializes in looking at tissue samples under a microscope) first described what the sample looks like visually before placing it in small sections on the microscope for the detailed analysis. In and of itself, the gross pathological description doesn't really add much to the overall diagnosis. Much more important is what the pathologist sees under the microscope and what they report that to be. What I would do is make sure to have followup with the doctor who took the biopsies in the first place (presumable your OB GYN doctor). They will be able to go over the pathology report with you and help describe what the results actually mean. It is always important to interpret pathology results and biopsy results in terms of the overall clinical picture, and your doctor will be able to do this for you. Make an appointment to go over your results today!

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