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"Can a partial hysterectomy make one overweight?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a partial hysterectomy make one overweight?


I seem to be putting on weight for no reason.


There are at least a couple of different reasons that a partial hysterectomy may be associated with some weight gain. The first one of this, which is by far the most conceptually straight forward, is that any surgery does require a certain amount of recovery time. During this recovery time, because of pain and other factors, we tend to be less physically active. This can definitely lead to weight gain. The second, more complex explanation would be that, even though one of the main advantages of a partial hysterectomy is that it leaves the ovaries intact, sometimes the blood supply to the ovaries can still be reduced after the surgery. This can lead to changes in your hormonal balance, which could also predispose you to some weight gain. I would recommend that you set up a visit with the OB GYN doctor who performed the surgery. They can make sure that everything is healing up as planned and they can also perform a physical examination to see if there is any particular cause for concern. Finally, they can give you some advice on exercise and diet approaches that might help you get back down to a weight that is more comfortable for you.

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