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"Does extended uterus affect fertility?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes extended uterus affect fertility?


my uterus is extended to my umbilicus. A right fundus measuring 12.2cm. Can i have a child?


In order to answer this question precisely, it would be necessary to know exactly why your uterus is enlarged. That is essential what this finding means, because normally the uterus (when it is not enlarged or pregnant) is located below the pubic bone and cannot be felt inside the stomach at all from the outside. You will need to talk to your OB GYN doctor for more advice about this condition, which I assume was recently diagnosed with an ultrasound or other similar test. By far one of the most common causes of an enlarged uterus in otherwise healthy women is something known as uterine fibroids. These are small, benign tumors inside the uterine muscle which are often asymptomatic but can also, if they are large, cause irregular or heavy bleeding and uterine enlargement. Uterine fibroids are extremely common and most women with them can have children without any trouble. However, in more severe cases they can lead to trouble with fertility because they can make it hard for the egg to implant in the uterus and they can also predispose to either miscarriage or preterm labor. Your OB GYN doctor knows your case best and will be able to over the best advice!

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