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"What can cause chronic belching?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause chronic belching?


In a person with a history consisting of celiac disease, lactose intolerance, and GERD -- is chronic burping a concern? It happens throughout the day, but is especially prominent following ingestion of any food or drink. I do not consume carbonated beverages.


Belching or burping is one way that the body gets rid of extra air in the stomach. This extra air can get into the stomach in one of two major ways. First, it can get there because of swallowing of extra air while eating or drinking. If this is the case for you, then the "treatments" include making sure to eat small meals slowly, to avoid swallowing air. It can also be helpful to avoid carbonated beverages (as you are) and chewing gum, which often leads to a great increase in swallowed air. Second, the extra air can get there because it is actually produced inside the intestines. This is very common, for example, with lactose intolerance, because ingestion of lactose containing products stimulates production of gas by bacteria in the intestines that feed off of the undigested lactose. Similarly, the belching may be a sign of uncontrolled GERD or celiac disease. I definitely recommend that you talk about this issue with either your primary care doctor or your gastroenterologist, if you have one. The major priority is to rule out that the belching is from poor control of your underlying medical problems and, if so, to work on medications and diet modifications to improve the symptoms.

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